What Is Triple Captain in Fantasy Premier League?

When you play your chips right in Fantasy Premier League, you feel like you should be running a tactical masterclass. This is especially the case with the triple captain chip, where your points haul can nearly reach triple figures if you play your cards right.

With so many variables to juggle, the choice can be intimidating. But don't worry, I'll explain everything you need to know about the FPL triple captain chip, including when to play it and how many points you can earn.

What is the triple captain chip?

FPL has four chips you can use, essentially providing bonus points. These are:

  • Bench boost chip: Earn points from the players on your bench.
  • Free hit chip: Gain unlimited free transfers for one gameweek, but these reset when the game week ends.
  • Wildcard chip: Gain unlimited free transfers, which remain in place after the gameweek.
  • Triple captain chip: Gain extra points from the player you designate as captain.

In FPL, your chosen captain always gets double points. However, when you play the triple captain chip, they rake in triple the points. This makes the triple captain in FPL one of the most powerful chips you can use.

Source: fantasy.premierleague.com

The triple points bonus applies to the entire points haul, including bonus points. So, let's say you captain Erling Haaland, and he registers 1 goal and 1 assist after 90 minutes of play. He was the best player, too, and earned 3 bonus points. He gets 12 points to his name, but if you play the triple captain chip, that total triples to 36.

How many times can I use the triple captain chip?

You only get one triple-captain chip per season. This is the same as bench boost and free hit, whereas you get 2 wildcards issued at different points in the season.

Since you only get one shot, you need to use it wisely. Note that you can use only one chip per game week, so you can't play

How to choose a triple captain

Choosing your triple captain is pretty similar to choosing your captain or vice-captain. You need to select a player who's likely to get you a huge points haul, which makes forwards or midfielders the best option. Yes, defenders and goalkeepers get more points for goals, but they're less likely to score them.

You should try to captain (and vice-captain) a player who is likely to register a decent amount of goals and assists. This varies from week to week, depending on fixture difficulty, so it's important to do your research.

Then, when it's finally time to use the triple captain chip, select a player who will haul in some points for your team.

When to play the triple captain chip

There is no 'right' time to play the triple captain chip. It varies between seasons and also hinges on your team and your FPL strategy. Here are some things to look out for.

Good fixtures

You should always base your captain on upcoming fixtures. Captains don't count as transfers, so you can change it from week to week – you don't have to have the same captain for two matches.

Check out the Premier League fixture ticker to see who has the easiest match and choose a player who's likely to score.


You can also base your decision on form. Check out recent points hauls in your squad and captain the player who is performing the best. Crucially, you should also check this data for players you're thinking of transferring out or into your squad.

Double game week

Many FPL managers play their triple captain chip on a double game week. With two matches back to back, you can get a whopping points haul from the right triple captain.

What are the most points scored from FPL triple captain?

Some managers have gained huge rewards from their triple captain chips since they were introduced to FPL in 2015/16. Notably, most come from double gameweeks. Here are the record-winning hauls:

  • 93 points: Harry Kane, Gameweek 37 16/17: Playing against Leicester (A) and Man United (H) in 2016/17, Kane raked in over 90 points for managers with him as triple captain. He was only captained by 5.5% of FPL managers that week.
  • 90 points: Kevin de Bruyne, Gameweek 36 21/22: With a rapid hattrick in the second game of a double week against Newcastle (H) and Arsenal (A), KDB netted 90 points for the triple captain chip.
  • 87 points: Mohammed Salah, Gameweek 31 17/18: Impressively, Mo Salah bagged 87 points in a single gameweek against Watford (H). That season, he finished with the most FPL points of any player.

The rewards of the triple-captain chip are impressive, but it can also go wrong. For instance, if you play the chip and your chosen player is injured in the first five minutes, you're out of luck.

How to use the triple captain chip

  1. Head to the Premier League website or app and go to the Fantasy section. Log into your account.
  2. Select 'Pick Team.' Click on the player you want to captain, and a pop-up will appear. Select 'Make Captain' and confirm your choice. The captaincy logo will appear on the chosen player's name.
  3. When you want to play your chip, click on 'Play' beneath 'Triple Captain' in the menu. Confirm your choices.

Source: fantasy.premierleague.com

Before the deadline, you can cancel the triple captain chip, so you have some time to think about your decision.

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