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Better FPL makes it easier for you to make transfers, setting your team and picking your captain. No more spreadsheets, no more guesswork, no more looking for stats on 10 different websites, just the data you need right where you want it.

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Have you ever looked at your team on and thought "Is this a good transfer?" or "Why is my team underperforming..?"?

I know I did! All I wanted was a simple and easy way to quickly glance at my team or a transfer and have the information I need to make the best decision for my FPL team. I believe FPL is best played on a gut feeling supported by data, and that's what this extension is all about.

Fixture difficulty ratings

Quick and Effortless Fixture Planning

With a quick glance, you can easily assess your players' upcoming matches. This empowers you to make well-informed choices, whether it's selecting your star player or strategizing your captaincy options.

Quick and Effortless Fixture Planning

Player stats

Deep Dive into Player Insights

Delve into detailed player stats, expected points, and historical performance – all conveniently accessible. Armed with this data, you'll confidently make those game-changing player transfers and craft a winning team composition that others envy.

Deep Dive into Player Insights

Enhanced classic league table

Elevate Your League Performance

Better FPL equips you with a comprehensive view of your league performance. Keep tabs on your position across various leagues, track your rivals' progress, and even peek into their strategies!

Elevate Your League Performance

Elevating the FPL Experience

Your Sure-fire Shortcut to Fantasy Premier League Glory

Your Fantasy, Your Way

Better FPL is your comprehensive companion for conquering the Fantasy Premier League. I understand that your time is precious, so I’ve integrated the essential data right where you need it – on the official Premier League website!

Insights Made Effortless

Forget jumping between tabs to unlock player insights, historical data, and expert metrics. Without having to leave the page, Better FPL compiles the knowledge you crave while eradicating the hassle.

Seize the Advantage

Gain the upper hand in your mini leagues and show your rivals who’s boss. With Better FPL, your transfers are calculated, your strategy is sharp, and your success is inevitable.

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With a one-time installation that integrates effortlessly into the official FPL website, it’s time to forget the hassle, the confusion, and the endless open tabs. My FPL Chrome extension ensures streamlined planning, insightful statistics, and a better way to empower your passion. About time.