How Does the Fantasy Premier League Points System Work?

Fantasy Premier League has one objective: winning. Managers fight for points to top their mini-league, so at the end of the day, it's all about scoring as many points as possible. There are many ways to win the points awarded in-game, ranging from standard points to bonus points.

Here's everything you need to know about scoring points in FPL so that you can dominate your league.

How does the fantasy football point system work?

FPL managers get points for assists, goals, clean sheets, and more. However, there are also minus points for actions like own goals, conceding a goal, and receiving a yellow card. On top of that, there are also bonus points awarded to the best players in each match.

Here is a breakdown of the points in Fantasy Premier League:



Playing up to 60 minutes


Playing 60 minutes or more (excluding stoppage time)


Each goal scored by a goalkeeper or defender


Each goal scored by a midfielder


Each goal scored by a forward


Each assist for a goal


A clean sheet by a goalkeeper or defender


A clean sheet by a midfielder


Every 3 shots saved by a goalkeeper


Each penalty save


Each penalty miss 


Bonus points


Every 2 goals conceded by a goalkeeper or defender 


Each yellow card


Each red card


Each own goal


Some notes on terminology

Some of the actions in Premier League games that can earn you FPL points are a little fuzzy. For example, clean sheets are not as clear-cut as they seem because they only apply to goalkeepers and defenders who play a certain number of minutes.

Here's what you need to know.

Clean sheets

A goalkeeper or defender is eligible for clean sheets if they play more than 60 minutes. However, if they are substituted before that, they cannot earn clean sheet points for your team.

Also, if they are subbed off after 60 minutes of play, this does not affect the clean sheet points they won for your team.


An assist is awarded to a player from the goal-scoring team who makes the final pass before a goal. This is the same whether the scoring player was the intended destination of the pass or not.

No assist is awarded if an opposing player touches the ball after the final pass before a goal. Furthermore, no assist is given if the touch by an opposing player is followed by a defensive error from another opposition player.

Finally, no assist is given if the goalscorer loses and then regains possession.


If a shot from a player hits an opposing player, is saved by a goalkeeper, or hits the woodwork, then a goal is scored, a Fantasy assist is awarded in place of a goal. The initial shot does not have to be on target. It can be a shot or a cross-shot, but not an intended cross or attempt at a pass; this is defined by Stats Perform.

However, if an opposing player makes a significant touch after the blocked shot, no Fantasy assist is awarded.

Own goals

Own goals result in minus points for the player who puts the ball in his own net. However, it may result in points for an assist. If a player shoots or passes the ball in such a way that it forces the opposing player to put the ball in their own net, an assist is awarded.

However, if it takes a significant deflection off an opposition player before the own goal occurs, then no Fantasy assist is given.

Penalties and free kicks

If a penalty or free kick is scored, the player who earned the penalty or free kick receives a Fantasy assist. However, if the player who earned the penalty or free kick is the same player who scores, no Fantasy assist is given.

Furthermore, if the penalty taker hits the woodwork or the ball is hit out by the goalkeeper, the same rebound rules apply as above.

Can FPL points change?

Football is not always black-and-white. The Premier League consults with Stats Perform to determine which players are eligible for points.

To avoid doubt, Fantasy Premier League points can change for up to an hour after the final whistle on any match day. There may be an exception in extraordinary circumstances, but this is extremely rare. So if you have a low points haul, don't hold your breath!

The bonus points system (BPS)

The Fantasy Premier League also has a Bonus Points System (BPS). Essentially, the best player on the pitch is awarded bonus points according to a BPS score calculated in collaboration with the statistics platform Opta.

The players with the top three BPS scores in each match receive bonus points:

  • 3 for the best player
  • 2 for second place
  • 1 for third place

The stats that go into calculating bonus points are complicated. They include things like dribbles, recoveries, pass completion, successful tackle attempts, and more. There are also negative BPS points for being tackled, making errors, and so on.

Tackles are the most complicated aspect, as they are scored on a net basis. Net tackles are calculated as the number of successful tackles minus the number of failed tackles. Players are not awarded negative BPS points for unsuccessful tackles, however.

In the event of a points tie:

  • If there is a tie for first place, the first and second-place players receive three points each, and the third-place player receives one point
  • If there is a tie for second place, Player 1 receives three points, and Players 2 and 3 receive two points each.
  • If there is a tie for third place, Player 1 receives three points, Player 2 receives two points, and Players 3 and 4 receive one point each.

Captains and FPL chip points

Standard points are not the only thing you need to contend with. When you choose a captain, they are eligible for double points. This includes if your captain is awarded bonus points. However, if your captain is injured or does not play, then your vice-captain is eligible for double points, so make these managerial decisions wisely.

You can also increase the points for your Fantasy Premier League team by playing two of the in-game chips. Namely, Triple Captain and Bench Boost. Triple Captain gives your team captain triple the number of points earned, while Bench Boosts lets you collect points from all your players on the bench. Normally, those points would go to waste.

By playing your chips strategically, you can maximise your points haul.

How do you check how many points you have in FPL?

It's easy to check how many points you have. Head to the FPL app or website, then click on the 'Points' tab. There, you can toggle through the different gameweeks to see how many points you have earned. Or, go to the 'Leagues and Cups' tab to see your total points and where you stand in each mini-league.

How to maximise your FPL points haul

As an FPL manager, you can't predict every free kick or clean sheet. However, you can try to maximise your haul by understanding how players score points. With a knowledge of how you earn points, you can strategise for success. Here are some tips:

  • Select players who are likely to play the full match. Pep Guardiola is renowned for rotating his team often, so it's tricky to pick the Man City starters, whereas the Liverpool lineup rarely changes. Opt for players who can get you those easy appearance points.
  • Check the fixture ticker to see who has challenging matches. Select defenders who are likely to get a clean sheet bonus thanks to an easy fixture.
  • Consult recent form indicators to see what players did in their last match. Although form can change at any time, it's a decent indicator of success.
  • Choose defenders and midfielders who can pick up extra points. For example, defenders get a whopping six points for every goal scored. Select creative players like Trent Alexander-Arnold, who can rack up a point for every assist.
  • Play your chips carefully to try to optimise the number of points you bring in. You don't want to play your bench boost when all the players on your bench are injured!

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